Complete Guide to the Green Technology (CleanTech) Industry

Over the last decade or so, the alternative energy movement has quickly evolved into a business sector of its own, and of a great scale and complexity. While for most companies in the sector the most important thing is about the energy conservation is a key focus, this niche also includes recycling, water technology, building materials, […]

Complete Guide to the E-Commerce & Internet Business

Living in the XXIst century, year 2016, we simply cannot turn a blind eye to just how significant did online business presence and online trade (e-commerce) has gotten on a worldwide scale… Just to give you an understanding of the scale, think that the total number of people using the Internet has reached nearly 3 […]

Complete Guide to the Retail Industry

Just as we usually do when analyzing a separate industry, this time around we were eager to delve deep into what are the current trends and what kind of a strategies are on the rise now…  This book includes trends and a thorough analysis of the most recent retail technologies, chain stores, shopping centers, mergers, […]