Complete Guide to the InfoTech Industry

We guess there’s no need to explain, just how important the hardware and software electronics industry really is today. The worldwide IT industry continues to expand gradually, with innovative new hardware, software and services rolled out every day. In the meantime, important new developments are trending, including software-as-a-service, and the “cloud” of data and miscellaneous […]

Complete Guide to the Retail Industry

Just as we usually do when analyzing a separate industry, this time around we were eager to delve deep into what are the current trends and what kind of a strategies are on the rise now…  This book includes trends and a thorough analysis of the most recent retail technologies, chain stores, shopping centers, mergers, […]

Complete Guide to the Insurance Industry

The modern insurance industry is getting globalized even quicker than the experts were anticipating a few years ago. This happens mostly due to a fact that the cross-border investments and acquisitions change the overall situation in this business field.  Better risk management, specialty insurance products and increased use of underwriting information systems have been among […]