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Complete Guide to the InfoTech Industry

We guess there’s no need to explain, just how important the hardware and software electronics industry really is today. The worldwide IT industry continues to expand gradually, with innovative new hardware, software and services rolled out every day. In the meantime, important new developments are trending, including software-as-a-service, and the “cloud” of data and miscellaneous […]

Complete Guide to the Food (CleanTech) Industry

Doing business research for all fields, we post the overviews for the reviewed industries on a regular basis. This time, we’re gonna show you all we’ve got on the food and beverage field. This industry is among the most competitive and globalized of all business sectors. And if you want an example of that, just […]

Complete Guide to the Green Technology (CleanTech) Industry

Over the last decade or so, the alternative energy movement has quickly evolved into a business sector of its own, and of a great scale and complexity. While for most companies in the sector the most important thing is about the energy conservation is a key focus, this niche also includes recycling, water technology, building materials, […]

Complete Guide to the E-Commerce & Internet Business

Living in the XXIst century, year 2016, we simply cannot turn a blind eye to just how significant did online business presence and online trade (e-commerce) has gotten on a worldwide scale… Just to give you an understanding of the scale, think that the total number of people using the Internet has reached nearly 3 […]

Complete Guide to the Entertainment & Media Industry

Entertainment industry is now on the rise, with the global market expanding both in audience and in yearly revenue. Though the modern entertainment and media industry currently faces a lot of crucial changes to how it operates, with big companies not always keeping up with it better, than the smaller players on the market. Recently […]

Complete Guide to the Investment & Securities Industry

While investments are considered to be safer in 2016-2017, than let’s say in 2008-2009, still the investment industry is reeling from massive changes and challenges. Privately held wealth funds have amassed trillions of dollars for investment goals. Markets, from commodities to stocks to debt instruments and conventional bonds, are all the subjects of some huge […]

Complete Guide to the Retail Industry

Just as we usually do when analyzing a separate industry, this time around we were eager to delve deep into what are the current trends and what kind of a strategies are on the rise now…  This book includes trends and a thorough analysis of the most recent retail technologies, chain stores, shopping centers, mergers, […]

Complete Guide to the Banking, Mortgages & Credit Industry

    Just like any other industry that directly depends on how various other fields of the economy feel like, the lending industry is comprised of a wide variety of sector. Among these are banking, credit cards, mortgages, leasing and consumer finance. Many of these niches have interconnections and synergies in them, meaning their efficiency, […]